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How To Test Cooling Fan on a Dell Laptop?

Cooling a fan on a laptop is very crucial as it helps you to maintain the internal temperature and prevent it from getting higher.

But sometimes, people are in misery whether their cooling fan is working or not. So worry not as in this article you will find out how to test a cooling fan on a dell laptop.

Let’s get started!

Test Cooling Fan on a Dell Laptop 

There are multiple ways to test the cooling fan but I will tell you the top 3 that works like a charm and will tell if your cooling fan works or not.

1. Check Air Vents

The first way to check whether your cooling fan works or not is by checking the air vents on your laptop if you feel an air blow from the vents that is a clear sign that your cooling fan is working perfectly fine.

However, if you do not feel the air blowing you can place a paper at the vent outside it if it moves then your cooling fan is working.

Because sometimes the cooling fan is not working at its maximum speed so we do not feel the air blow that is why I recommended you place and piece of paper as it is a lightweight material and can easily be blown away by a tiny amount of air from the cooling vent.

2. Check for any sound/vibration

Sometimes the cooling fan is running at a very low speed that you cannot feel the air blow. In this situation put your hand on the cooling went and feel if there is any vibration going on inside your cooling vent.

If your laptop has a hard disk do not get confused with the vibration of that hard disk so make sure to put your hand right at the cooling went.

In this way, you will be able to hear any sound or vibration that is coming out from your cooling fan.

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3. Install Fan Testing Software

If the above two solutions did not work for you the last you can try is by installing a third-party fan testing software that will let you know if your fan is working or not there are several fan testing software such as speed fan.

All you have to do this just install any fan testing software and it will test your fan and let you know if your cooling fan is working or not.

Cooling Fan Still not Working? Try these

After following all the methods to test your cooling fan, if you are left disappointed and your fan is still not working, don’t worry you can still fix that.

Note: Only attempt this if you are familiar with laptop opening/repairing, as you have to open the laptop for this.

1. Clean the Fan

cleaning the cooling fan

Sometimes, there might be some dust particles stuck inside your cooling fan which prevents your fan from running.

It can be either a piece of paper or cat or dog hairs that blocks the fan blades. So the first and foremost solution is to take out the fan and clean it.

You can clean it using pressurized air or cotton swaps.

Once cleaned, move the fan blades with your fingers and see if it is moving freely that means all hurdles have been cleared.

2. Check its wire

check laptop cooling fan wires

Laptop cooling fans are connected to the motherboard through a connector. Check if that connector is connected firmly.

Also, check for the wires on the motor of the fan, as you can see in the attached picture.

Make sure that all the wires are connected and intact with the terminals.

3. Install a new one

If after following all the testing methods, and fixes, your fan still doesn’t work, you should install a new cooling fan or take your laptop to a technician.


A laptop cooling fan is a component on which we cannot compromise at all, so always make sure that your cooling fan is running and the CPU temperature won’t get too high.

I hope that after following the methods mentioned in this article, you will be able to test your cooling fan on dell’s laptop and if it didn’t work you can also fix that.

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