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Are Dell Laptops Water Resistant?

When it comes to electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, we always protect them from water so that they won’t get damaged from it.

But since most mobile phones are water resistant is this the same with laptops?

Are dell laptops water-resistant?

If not then how to protect it from getting water damage? Well, don’t worry because you will find everything related to water resistance in dell laptops.

Are Dell Laptops water-resistant?

 Most Dell laptops are not water resistant but some rugged laptops such as Dell Latitude 5430 has an IP-53 rating which means they are water resistant but not waterproof. 


Laptops have cooling vents to expel the heat generated by the processor and to make better airflow. So water can easily get through these vents and ultimately damage the internal components.

Difference Between Water Resistant and Water Proof

One thing you need to concern about here is that water resistance and waterproofing are not the same. They may look similar but they are not.

Water-resistant means that it can withstand a limited water attack without getting water damage to the motherboard.

Whereas, Waterproof means that the device can survive even if it is submerged in water completely. 

By chance, if there is liquid spilled on the laptop and you immediately take action to remove that liquid your laptop will survive if it is water resistant.

Today, almost majority of the smartphones are water resistant but this is not the same with laptops. It is very rare that you found a laptop that is water-resistant at an affordable price.

Because most rugged laptops are very expensive compared to normal daily-use laptops. They are not only water resistant but also shockproof too.

But if you need a laptop form factor device that is water resistant you can check the Asus Chromebook C202. It is a very cheap Chromebook that is rugged and water-resistant too.

Are Dell latitudes water resistant?

 Dell Latitudes being expensive provide you with great build quality therefore some latitudes are also water resistant. For example, Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged is water resistant. 


But that really doesn’t mean all the dell latitudes are water resistant, every laptop has its own specific IP rating which tells you whether it is water resistant or not.

Now, most dell latitudes rugged laptops are equipped with an IP-65 rating which means that can easily survive limited dust and water spillage.

Can you make your Dell laptop water-resistant? 

No, you can’t make your laptop water-resistant if it is not labeled for it by the manufacturer.

However, if you want to carry your laptop there are several rugged and hard laptop cases available that are also waterproof. You can put your laptop in it and it will protect it from shocks and water.

How Do I know if my laptop is water-resistant? 

To check whether your laptop is water resistant or not, consult the IP ( Ingress Protection ) rating mentioned on the laptop manual guide or the manufacturer’s website.

If it says IP-53, 65, 66 it means your laptop is water resistant and can survive a small water supply.

You can learn more about IP rating here.

IP-67 and 68 are the highest IP ratings that can survive a water submersion of up to 1 meter. You can get smartphones with these ratings but laptops do not have these ratings. The highest you can get on a laptop is IP-66.

How to protect the laptop from water damage? 

Normal laptops can easily get water damage If there is a liquid spillage on them. But it does not mean the same in all cases. It depends on how and where the liquid spilled.

It also depends on what type of liquid is spilled.

For example, if you spilled a glass of water right on the keyboard there is no chance that your laptop will survive because the motherboard is right under the keyboard and there is so much space in the keyboard for water to get into it.

However, if you quickly flip your laptop downside the water won’t be able to make it to the motherboard and your laptop can have another life.

If there is any spillage of liquid on the laptop, the first and foremost action is to turn off the laptop and remove the battery then take out all the water by flipping it downside.

After that keep your laptop in a dry place to let the remaining water evaporate.

Don’t hurry to turn on the laptop, sometimes you might not see proper water droplets on the motherboard but since the water is submerged in different components it can cause damage if turned on.

Also, avoid submerging it in rice and putting the laptop in direct sunlight. It can cause more problems.

After removing the battery and the water just let it place in a dry place at a normal temperature.


So, there is no waterproof laptop as of today. However, there are water-resistant laptops that you can easily get from online websites.

I hope that you learned whether dell laptops are water resistant or not and now you also know the difference between waterproof and water resistant.

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