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How Long Does a Chromebook Battery Last at 25 & 50 Percent

Chromebooks are quite well known for their long battery life. A good Chromebook can easily provide you with 7-10 hours of battery life.

But how long does a Chromebook battery last at 25 percent? How long can you use it until it gets to 0 percent?

Today in this article, I will guide you on how long will your Chromebook battery last at 25%. I will break down the battery usage of different Chromebooks.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How Long Does a Chromebook Battery Last at 25 Percent 

A Chromebook battery typically lasts around 1 to 2 hours when used at 25 percent, however, this can be extended further through good power management.

By making small tweaks such as dimming the screen brightness and switching off unused features, you can get up to 2 hours of battery life out of your Chromebook. This means that with a few simple adjustments, you can enjoy up to 50% more usage time than the average 1-2 hour battery life at 25%.

Additionally, many Chromebooks come preloaded with various software and hardware features that help maximize your battery life even further. These include power-saving modes that automatically adjust settings like processor speeds and energy consumption in order to offer a longer battery life.

 Battery usage on a Chromebook depends on so many factors but on average a Chromebook at 25 percent battery can easily provide you 1-2 hours of normal usage as they are highly powered efficiently. 


For instance, here is a comparison of the battery life of Chromebooks from five different brands.

Model Battery life
Asus Chromebook C523 up to 10 hours
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 up to 13 hours
Acer Chromebook Spin 713 up to 10 hours
HP Chromebook x360 up to 10.7 hours
Dell Chromebook 3110 up to 10 hours

So as you can see every brand is claiming to provide a really good battery life on Chromebook, but actual usage may vary from person to person, and more primarily it depends on the usage. So, you can expect it to have an average battery life of 7-9 hours.

Why does Chromebooks’ battery last so long than laptops?

One of the biggest advantages of Chromebooks is their incredibly long battery life. This can be attributed to two major factors, both related to how Chromebooks are designed.

First, Chromebooks have much more efficient processors than regular laptops. While Intel and AMD’s x86 architectures are powerful, they consume a significant amount of energy – leading to shorter battery life in regular laptops.

Because a laptop is equipped with powerful processors that are capable of doing extensive tasks simultaneously to accomplish the task the hardware uses more power as they are designed for multitasking.

By comparison, Chromebooks use ARM processors that are designed to use far less power while still delivering good performance. As a result, they don’t require as much power from the battery, enabling them to last longer.

Second, Chromebooks often feature lower-resolution displays than you would find on a laptop or desktop computer. The lower resolution means that the laptop needs less power for backlighting and refresh rates – also helping extend battery life. Additionally, some manufacturers also opt for lower brightness settings by default in order to further conserve battery power.

These two factors combined mean that Chromebooks can offer battery lives lasting up to 10 hours and beyond on a single charge – significantly longer than what you would expect from a laptop or desktop computer running x86 architecture. Battery optimizations in Chrome OS also help by automatically adjusting hardware settings based on usage patterns over time so that the most power is conserved when possible.

Also, Chromebook batteries last long due to their light operating system which is ChromeOS.

Short Answer
So due to less powerful hardware and a very lightweight OS, Chromebook’s battery last longer than a normal laptop. 

So that was the answer for 25 percent battery and what about 50 percent?

How long does a Chromebook battery last at 50 percent?

The average battery of a Chromebook can last from 4-5 hours when used at 50 percent battery. This means that you can typically get around 9-10 hours of use on a single full charge. Depending on the specific model, certain Chromebooks may even be capable of providing up to 5-6 hours of battery life at 50 percent power.

Battery longevity can also vary depending on how many programs are running and other factors such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi activity, and whether or not you have multiple tabs open.

In addition, using the Chrome browser’s built-in energy saver features can further increase the total time a Chromebook operates at 50 percent power.

Taking all these elements into account, it’s safe to say that with proper usage and maintenance, most Chromebooks should be able to provide users with up to 4-5 hours of battery life when running at 50 percent power.

Factors Affecting Battery Life in Chromebook 

As I wrote earlier battery life in a Chromebook depends on several factors so here is a quick brief of factors that affect your battery life.

1. Multi-Tasking 

Chromebooks are usually not designed for multitasking as it is supposed to do on a laptop. If you go for multi-tasking on a Chromebook, it will put stress on the processor which will consume more power.

Other components will also get engaged in it such as the cooling fan. Ultimately, the result will be more consumption of power that will reduce the overall battery life.

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2. Running Heavy Applications

Chromebooks usually run an application that is designed by Google. Some Chromebooks also support Google Play Store through which you can also install android apps in your Chromebook.

If you open chrome with multiple tabs opened and other applications at the same time, it will overheat and also affect the battery life.

However, if you use it for normal use there is no issue at all.

3. Battery Health  

Battery health is a significant thing to consider. With the passage of time, battery life ultimately reduces due to charging and discharging.

So, if you are not using it for extensive tasks, and run only one application at a time but still battery life is not up to mark, it can be due to poor battery health.

If your battery health is more than 80%, it is considered good battery health. If it is below 70%, you need to replace it so that you can get an improved battery life.


So I hope that you got the answer that how long a Chromebook with a 25 percent battery can survive. The information mentioned above is based on different stats collected from all around the internet.

So the actual usage may vary. It depends on so many factors like the model of your Chromebook and the usage pattern. But in general, a Chromebook that has a 25% battery can survive for 1-2 hours.

If you have a Chromebook, comment below how long it runs on a 25 percent battery.

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