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Chromebook Overheating – 5 Best Solutions to Fix it

People, who own a Chromebook might come up with an issue of the Chromebook getting overheated and they want to fix that to keep that Chromebook running smoothly.

But first, let me ask you a question Have you ever wondered why your Chromebook is overheating? What is causing this?

If you have figured out the cause, you can easily solve the overheating problem. However, if you are unable to fix your Chromebook overheating problem, this article will guide you and everything about overheating and how to cool it down.

Chromebook Overheating Problem

Chromebook getting overheated is a problem whose solution is asked about by many Chromebook users all around the globe.

Before moving on to the solutions of  Chromebook getting overheated. Let’s understand what is causing this overheating problem in your Chromebook.

Chromebook Overheating Root Causes 

 There can be several reasons for Chromebook getting overheated. The top ones include poor air ventilation, heavy tasking such as multiple chrome tasks opened and using your Chromebook on charging.   


The first point which is poor air ventilation is important. Let’s understand its importance with an example.

Cooling systems in Chromebooks are designed to through out the inner heat generated by the processor. But if the cooling vents are blocked then there is no way for the inner heat to escape the body.

So the heat gets trapped in it, and your Chromebook starts getting heating.

So, that was the first cause now head over to the second which is also quite famous for Chromebook overheating problem.

You all know that chrome uses many hardware resources as compared o other applications running on the chrome os. That is why if you have opened multiple tabs on your chrome, your Chromebook is overheating.

Chromebook Overheating Best Solutions 

Here are some best solutions that will surely help you to fix the overheating problem in your Chromebook.

1. Use it on a flat/steady surface

It is recommended to use your Chromebook on a flat and steady surface such as a desk or a table.

Doing this helps your Chromebook to stay cool by dispersing the internal heat through the vents properly.

Don’t use it on an irregular place such as a pillow or a cloth fabric as it will block the air vents resulting in the Chromebook starting overheating.

Using your Chromebook at a flat desk or table ensures that the airflow is continuous and no heat is trapped inside your Chromebook, so this is the best solution to fix your Chromebook overheating problem.

2. Avoid Heavy Tasking 

ChromeOS is a pretty lightweight and simple operating system that is designed for daily life simple and basic tasks such as normal browsing and doing some light things. That is why Chromebooks can’t handle heavy tasking.

Heavy tasking includes multiple chrome tabs opened at the same time. If your Chromebook supports PlayStore, then running the android apps and chrome at the same time will force the processor to work hard which will result in extra heat generated by the internals.

Only use the applications which are working. If an application is running aimlessly, it is consuming your Chromebook hardware resources so it is better to close the unnecessary application to get your Chromebook to cool down.

3. Don’t use it while charging

This solution is of moderate importance however it is a good practice not to use your Chromebook while charging.

As you know, while charging, there is already some heat generated inside and if you use that on the charging processor will also emit its heat. So, the processor and battery heat make your Chromebook overheat very quickly.

To cool down your Chromebook, don’t use it on charging. Doing this will not only prevent your Chromebook to overheat but can also save your battery health.

4. Check the surrounding temperature 

If they have tried all the above solutions, and nothing is working for you, check the environment temperature in which you are using your Chromebook.

In simple words, analyze your room temperature, if it is high, it can be the reason why your Chromebook is getting overheated.

Shifting your working place from a high temperature to a normal temperature will also fix your Chromebook overheating problem.

5. Use an external cooler

Tried all four solutions mentioned above? Did nothing work?

Don’t worry, if you are unable to fix the overheating problem in your Chromebook, you can use an external laptop/Chromebook cooler stand to fix that.

It has a set of fans that will face the bottom of your Chromebook to dissipate the internal heat to the outer environment.

Using an external laptop/Chromebook cooler stand is also a good solution to fix your Chromebook overheating problem.


Every electronic device generates some sort of heat and the same is the case with Chromebooks too. But overheating is something that is needed to get fixed quickly.

So, if you are facing this issue, let me know if the above solutions worked for you.

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