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What is the Standard Screen Size for Laptops in 2023

When it comes to choosing a laptop, there are many aspects to consider, and screen size is one of them.

Some people want a compact and small display for their daily purposes while on the other side some laptop geeks want a big display.

Now you might be thinking what should I choose, is there any standard screen size for laptops?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will share with you a comparison of multiple laptops’ screen sizes, then you can also check if it matches your needs or not.

Standard Screen Size For Laptops

Laptops come in a variety of different screen sizes ranging from 11.6″ to 17.3″. But the standard screen size for laptops is 13.3″, 14″, and 15.6″.

Different Screen Size for Laptops

Laptop screen size also depends on personal choice as I mentioned earlier. People like me are much interested in portable laptops whose screen size is between 13-14″.

But on the other hand, some people who use to work heavily require a big display.

Let me share some of the most popular laptop screen sizes with you.

Laptop Name  Screen Size           
MacBook Pro 2022 14″ & 16″
Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13″
Asus Zenbook Flip 2-in-1 15.6″
HP Pavilion X360 Convertible 15.6″
MacBook Air 2022 13.6″
Dell Latitude 5430 14″
Razer Blade 15 15.6″
Asus 2-in-1 Q535 15.6″
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 13.3″ & 15.6″


Let’s have a look at the explanation of each size category laptop.

11″ Laptops 

This screen size is pretty small and is good for people to use as a tablet because you cannot do productive work on such a small display size.

Laptops in this category usually come up with 11.6″ but this screen size is not common these days.

Example: ASUS Vivobook Go 12 L210

12″ Laptops 

12-Inch Screen Size is also small, you cannot do many tasks on it.

Laptops normally do not come up in this screen size but if you want a 12-inch laptop In this size category, you can find old traditional laptops such as MacBook Retina 2017 which has a 12-inch display.

Example: MacBook Retina 12-inch 2017

13″ Laptops 

Well, this screen size is among the most common standard screen size for laptops as you can see most laptops such as Macbooks, or Laptops starts with a 13-inch or 13.3 Inch display.

So, you can say that 13-inch laptops are starting point for standard screen sizes for laptops.

Example: Microsoft Surface Pro 8

14″ Laptops

In a single line, The most common standard screen size for laptops is 14-inch.

You can do very much with such a normal range display size. This is the reason most companies manufacture laptops with a decent screen size of 14-inches.

Example: Dell Vostro 3420

15″ Laptops 

If you talk about the 15-inch category, the first thing that comes t mind is 15.6″ screen size laptops, well this is the size we have mostly seen.

But yeah laptops with a 15.6-inch display are also good enough.

Example: Razer Blade 15

17″ Laptops 

Well, you might be thinking why there is no 16-inch category here, the reason is quite simple. I have rarely seen a laptop falling into the 16-inch category, which is why I jumped into the 17-Inch category.

Now, let’s hover over this one.

Laptops with this immense huge display are designed for the heavy workload. For people who have to work as they do on desktops. So you can say that 17-inch laptops can be an alternative to your PC.

Because these laptops are also big when compared to smaller ones, so due to that they have more space for adding powerful components such as a good GPU and liquid cooling system.

Also, you cannot just take these laptops anywhere as you do with the 13 and 14 inches ones.

Example: Alienware m17 R5


What is the best laptop screen size for students?


Students neither need too small screen size nor so immense display size. So, any laptop that has a display size between 13 and 14 inches is best for students.

MacBooks, Dell and HP laptops with a screen size of 13.3 and 14 inches are ideal for students.

How to decide what display size is good for you?

By the time, you have read the article this question can easily pop up in your mind. So, don’t worry about that, I will guide you on choosing the best display size so you can make a better choice for yourself.

1. Identify the purpose 

Identify the purpose for which you’re going to buy that laptop. Either you are grabbing it for fun or streaming purposes or you want to work on it.

If you are a student, you need both types of work mentioned above. Sometimes, you might need to use it for streaming purposes such as watching videos on youtube.

And oftentimes you need to work using your laptop.

If you are an entrepreneur, content creator, or remote worker, you will choose your laptop for purely work purposes, so that is why identifying the purpose is the first step while thinking of laptop screen size.


2. Check your budget

Most laptops such as MacBook Pro 2022 come up with two variations in display size.

  • 14-inch
  • 16-inch

Both can be configured with M1 Pro and M1 Max but there is a difference in the pricing of both MacBooks.

Also, the 16-inch model is more powerful than the 14-inch one.


3. Check the display quality

There are multiple kinds of displays available today.

It can be IPS, OLED, or Retina.

laptop screen brightness helps to reduce power usage

When looking for the standard screen size for laptops, you also want to check the display quality.

OLED also known as AMOLED and Retina Displays are best but they are also quite expensive too when compared to IPS or simple LCD.

What is the standard screen size for Macbooks?

MacBooks usually start with a minimal and elegant 13.3-inch display. But now, MacBooks come in variations such as 14-inch and 16-inch.

So, if I were to say, I would probably say 14-inch is the standard screen size for MacBooks.

Macbook standard screen size


Laptops are great devices to fulfill your daily life activities for everyone and the display is the major component in it. So one should consider several things while opting for a laptop with either a small display or a larger one.

I hope by reading this article, you now know what is the standard screen size for laptops and cane to make decisions about that easily.

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