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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs Macbook Air

We all know that Samsung and Apple are quite well-known companies when it comes to tech products such as smartphones and laptops.

So the comparison of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and Macbook Air is a close one as they both are beasts when it comes to features.

So today in this article you will get to know Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs Macbook Air in-depth comparison and at the end, you will find out which one is good for you.

But before moving on to the review let me tell you something this is an unbiased review based totally on the specification of both devices

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs Macbook Air M1

Before we dive into the detailed specifications of Galaxy Chromebook and MacBook Air here are a few quick specifications of both laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Apple MacBook Air 2020
Processor  Intel Core i5-10th Gen Apple M1 Chip
Display Type  Super AMOLED Retina
Battery Life  Up to 8 hours Up to 18 hours
Thickness & Weight   9.9 mm & 2.29 pounds 16 mm & 2.8 pounds
Display Size  13.3″ Touch Screen 13.3″
SSD 256GB 256GB
OS  ChromeOS macOS
Price Approx $650 Approx $999


Ok so now that you have read the short specifications of the galaxy Chromebook and MacBook air now let’s move on to the in-depth comparison of both devices and discuss their pros and cons with each other.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebookmacbook air m1 chip

1. Processor 

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has a super cool and fast Intel Core i5-10th generation processor which is fast enough to handle all of your daily life tasks such as browsing and using android apps at the same time.

While on the other hand, the Apple Macbook Air has an M1 chip that is designed by Apple itself. Also, the M1 chip was the first ever chip made by Apple and now it has been upgraded to M2 with much improvement.

So, for a Chromebook, the i5 processor of the 10th generation is way too good. However, for Macbooks where multiple professional software are used the M1 chip is a real deal for sure. Both devices have the maximum-powered processors they need to work. 

2. Display 

Talking about the display, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is quite well known for its super brilliant display.

It has a Super AMOLED 13.3″ touchscreen display with almost no bezzles. Not only that, it can support a maximum resolution of up to 4K.

the Apple Macbook Air also has the same screen size as Samsung’s Chromebook but they have a different display technology which is known as Retina display. As mentioned on the Apple website, it has a resolution of 2500 x 1600 which means 2K resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a real killer when it comes to displaying. With its beautiful 4K super AMOLED display, you can enjoy a better experience. But on the other hand, the Macbook display is not that bad. It is also good but not above than Samsung Chromebook. 

3. Operating System 

Here comes the interesting part. You know that both devices look the same from an external view. They both look like laptops but the thing which makes the ke difference is the operating system.

You might have seen that the device which has windows is the standard laptop and the one which has macOS is known as Macbook. Chromebooks come with ChromeOS.

So here comes your choice, if you want to use ChromeOS the Galaxy Chromebook has it. However, if you are a macOS user, you can select MacBook as all MacBooks have macOS. 

4. RAM and Storage 

Both laptops have almost the same RAM and storage by default.

The Samsung galaxy Chromebook and the Macbook Air M1 both come with 8GB memory. However, the galaxy Chromebook memory is onboard and can’t be configurable whereas Apple gives you the choice to configure your specs before buying.

You can configure the default RAM to 16GB and the storage can be extended to 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

By default, both laptops share the same quantity of RAM and memory but Chromebook’s RAM and storage can’t be extended whereas Apple Macbook’s memory and storage space are configurable. 

5. Battery Life 

As claimed by Apple the Macbook Air can provide you with a solid 18 hours of battery life on movie playback and up to 15 hours of web browsing but these are just numbers. Actual usage can vary from person to person and from laptop to laptop.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has a pretty decent battery life of 8 hours. The battery backup is good enough as you know Chromebooks usually provide much longer battery life than standard laptops.

The Apple Macbook Air with a power-efficient M1 chip can surely provide you with a good battery life which is a little more than the Galaxy Chromebook. But both laptops can easily provide you with a good battery backup.

6. Size and Weight 

Again, this aspect is almost similar among both of them. Both laptops are super light and thin making them easy to carry.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is very thin. It is only 9.9 mm thin and weighs only 2.29 pounds. You rarely see laptops with an overall thickness of less than 10 mm and Samsung has done it.

Apple MacBook Air is also a thinner one but not much thinner than the galaxy Chromebook. It is 16 mm thin and weighs 2.8 pounds.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and Apple Macbook Air M1 both are super slim and light laptops. Their size and weight are almost close to each other but the Samsung’s Chromebook is slightly ahead in terms of size and weight.  

Which One is Best? Chromebook or MacBook

When it comes to choosing between the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and the Macbook Air M1, both offer unique advantages.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook offers a lightweight and portable design, making it an excellent choice for someone on the go who needs to take their laptop with them wherever they go. Plus, its speedy performance ensures that you can get your work done quickly and efficiently.

The Macbook Air M1, on the other hand, has been designed from the ground up as an ultra-premium laptop that offers top-of-the-line performance and features. With its cutting-edge hardware and software, it’s capable of handling even the most demanding tasks with ease.

When it comes to looks, there’s no denying that both laptops are attractive options: The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook sports a sleek aluminum build with its signature two-tone color scheme while the Macbook Air M1 features Apple’s iconic minimalist design that’s sure to turn heads.

Both laptops also have plenty of ports so you can expand your setup with additional accessories or peripherals.

In terms of price, the Macbook Air M1 has a slight edge over the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook; however, those looking for more bang for their buck may find themselves drawn towards the latter since it still offers plenty of power despite being slightly cheaper than Apple’s offering.

At this point in time, both machines have made great strides in terms of capability and design – making them both excellent choices depending on your individual needs and lifestyle.



After all, has been said, it’s evident that the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and the Macbook Air M1 have their respective advantages and pitfalls. Both laptops offer powerful performance capabilities and a range of features pointing to their respective purposes.

Ultimately, one has to weigh both systems up against their own budget and needs before deciding which is right for one. After all, depending on your preferences and requirements either laptop could be considered among the top contenders within its market segment.

So I hope after going through this in-depth comparison of Samsung galaxy Chromebook and MacBook air M1 you now know which is a good device for you and you are confident enough to tell others what specs are being provided to you in both these devices.

If you have a MacBook or Chromebook, feel free to share them with us in the comments down below.

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