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Keyboard Keep Spamming a Key ( FIXED )

Do you ever find yourself frustrated after typing away, only to have the same key appear over and over again? You press it over and over but nothing is happening. You might think why my keyboard is spamming a key.

Well, this could be a sign your keyboard has gone haywire! If you’re experiencing intermittent issues such as random keys becoming stuck or going off on a clicking rampage this might be the issue.

Why does your keyboard keep spamming a key and how do you fix it?

Don’t worry though – we’ve got solutions for fixing your problem in no time. Read on to learn how easy it can be to restore your keyboard back to its normal functioning state!

Fix Keyboard Keep Spamming a Key

Keyboard key spamming can occur on every device whether it is a laptop or a PC keyboard. I also faced this problem with my mechanical keyboard and I will share with you how I fixed that.

Before moving on to the fix let me first share some details about it, and how it happens.

Well, it is straightforward, say you press a key on your keyboard, and it stays pressed until you press it again to stop or press another key.

I have been using HP mechanical keyboard and I faced the same issue with my keyboard too. So here are my best solutions that will work to fix that.

1. Install/Update Drivers

If you are using any heavy keyboards such as razer or hp which have a dedicated driver for their keyboard, always make sure to check that you have the right drivers.

If you have drivers already installed, check for updates.

Because issues like this are primarily due to software problems but that doesn’t mean it is purely due to it. It can also be due to hardware issues too. I will guide you on that later on.

So, the first and foremost solution is to install and update the right drivers for your keyboard to fix the keyboard spamming problem. 


2. Unplug the Keyboard

If the above solution didn’t work for you, unplug your keyboard and then replug it.

It might seem to you a time waste fix but it is not

When I faced that issue, I simply did this and my keyboard works fine after that.

If your keyboard keeps spamming a key, change the port or replug it in the same port. Doing this will fix that too.

3. Clean your Keyboard

If these software-related issues still have not fixed your keyboard problem that means sit has something to do with your keyboard hardware.

But I would highly recommend you to do the first two solutions, in most cases, the keyboard gets fixed.

Cleaning your keyboard can not only provide you with a better and clean experience but it will also fix your key spamming issue.

keyboard with lights on

If you are using a mechanical keyboard, cleaning is very easy. Simply remove the keys using a key holder.

If you do have not a key holder, you can also remove it using your fingers.

So after removing all the keys, clean the mechanical switches very nicely.

Do a detailed cleaning of your keyboard, and check for any dust which is stuck inside your switches.

If possible you can also use an air blower to blow out the dust which is present inside the keys and the switches.

If you are using a membrane keyboard, you can use an air blower to blow the dust out of it.

I won’t recommend you take out the keys as long as you don’t know how to put them back. Not only that, if you don’t take out the keycaps the right way, the key lock will also break.

If software-related issues didn’t help you to fix the key spamming issue, try cleaning your keyboard. It will fix your keyboard.

4. Check for Water Damage

If you spilled any liquid such as water or tea on your keyboard, this problem can also occur due to that.

If this issue is happening on your laptop keyboard, you are left with no option but to replace the keyboard.

However, if it happened on your mechanical keyboard, you can replace that particular switches where you think the liquid has reached the keyboard.

So, if your keyboard is damaged by any liquid or any other substance, it is better to replace that keyboard so that it won’t happen again. 

5. Check for any wire bend 

If the issue persists, check if your keyboard cable is bent at some point and the bend is so severe that it affects the transmission of the signal.

It can be due to a sharp bend, or a heavy weight being placed on the wire so the wire is under pressure and may not function properly.

Make sure that your keyboard wire is intact and that nothing is interfering with the transmission. It can also fix the keyboard spamming issue. 

Laptop Keyboard Spamming Keys

Do Laptops and PC keyboards behave the same when it comes to spamming a key itself?

Well, they do spam the key similarly but there are some differences in their structure. For example, a PC keyboard ( mechanical ) has switches whereas laptop keyboards do not have those switches as they are membrane keyboards.

So, It is possible that there is something wrong with the laptop’s keyboard, causing it to ‘spam’ the keys. This could be caused by a malfunctioning mechanism such as a blocked or worn-out key spring, a software issue, an electrical issue with the laptop’s power source, or other hardware-related issues.

In some cases, it may even be caused by liquid spillage into the laptop’s keyboard. When this happens, liquid can seep into the circuitry of the device and cause its components to malfunction. Depending on the severity of the damage, keys may stop working altogether or start sending inputs at random intervals.

Another possible explanation for your laptop randomly typing seemingly random characters is dust particles becoming lodged in between its keys and interfering with its normal operation. Dust that has accumulated over time can cause unwanted input when pressed against certain keys and lead to weird behavior such as rapid keystrokes or double-tapping of individual keys.


Keyboard spamming a key is not a common issue but when it occurs it can annoy you as it keeps pressing a key that you don’t want to. So you might want to fix that quickly.

If you follow the solutions I mentioned above, your problem can easily get fixed.

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