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How Long Do Asus Laptops Last

While selecting a laptop brand, people just want to make sure that they are going for the right brand. That is where they ask if this brand is reliable.

Asus laptops have provided the best build services in the last few years, so after some search, I have gathered some info about how long Asus laptops last.

Asus is a quite well-renowned company that is famous for its strong build products such as laptops with military-grade protection.

Just like other brands, people also want to know about Asus such as are Asus computers good quality? or most asked question are Are Asus laptops durable?

Well, don’t worry, today in this article all your doubts about Asus laptops will be cleared.

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last

 Asus laptops have proved well in terms of life expectancy which is why they can easily last for a minimum of 4-5 years. However, if treated well some Asus laptops can exceed this range and can last for more than five years.  


I researched the Asus laptops owner and read their review about it. Most of the people said that their laptop lasted for 5 years. Some also say that it lasted for more than 7-8 years.

So, according to Asus laptop users, their build quality and life expectancy are really great. Any laptop that can last for more than 3 years is considered a good one and you can easily achieve this life expectancy with Asus laptops.

Also, this is just the minimum period for the Asus laptops, As I described earlier, if the laptop is used properly and the owner has maintained it, it can easily last for more than five years.

Do Asus Laptops Have Good Build Quality?

 Asus laptops have the great build quality and some of them also have military-grade protection. Not only that, their laptops undergo 15 different tests to ensure the overall build quality. 

Talking about the Asus laptop build tests, there can be up to 15 tests each done separately. The top ones include the drop test, hinge test, shock test, and twist test.

As mentioned on their website, they use military-grade protection which is MIL-STD 810G which is great for your laptop body material.

Also, the Asus laptops are tested to work in critical environmental situations too such as high and low temperatures, and using the laptop at very high altitudes such as in planes.


How long does an Asus laptop battery last?

Asus laptop’s battery backup depends on the model. For normal models such as Asus Vivobook and Zenbook, the battery can last for 5-7 hours however the Asus gaming laptop’s battery can last for 3-4 hours due to its heavy usage. 

Asus laptops mostly have lithium-ion batteries that can provide you with 350-500 battery cycles. Now you might be thinking what is the battery cycle?

Well, very simple. Let’s suppose you charged your laptop to 100% and used it until it dies out at 0%. So this is one cycle.

As claimed by Asus, the laptop battery health will drop after 300 cycles. On average 300 cycles are completed in one year, so you can say that the battery health will drop after a year.

Asus laptop’s battery life when it comes to Chromebooks is way too tremendous, the Asus C523 Chromebook can provide you 10-12 hours of battery backup.

So, just like other laptops, Asus laptops do have a great battery backup.

What is the warranty for Asus laptops?

Asus does provide a warranty on their laptops, the warranty of each laptop is mentioned on the back of the product with a sticker.

Mostly labeled as 12M, 24M, or 36M which means that the laptop is covered by a warranty of 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years respectively.

However this is not the same for all models, the best way to check your warrant is to look for the warranty card inside your laptop box.

Their laptop batteries are also covered by a warranty which is good. The warranty period for an Asus laptop battery is 1 year.

Final Thoughts 

Asus laptops are really good in terms of longevity and build quality. If you are considering having one, you can trust this brand as it has shown great performance in the past and still rocking the laptop market.

Not only the simple laptops, but their gaming laptops are also way too good when it comes to performance.

So, f you have Asus laptops share your experience with us so that others can get benefit from your opinion too.

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